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Lindeners tap New Horizon medical services

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Lindeners tap New Horizon medical services

A Lindener receiving an eye checkup during the outreach THE US Army’s New Horizon is hosting a two-week medical outreach in the mining town of Linden, providing a range of services to residents there.

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The outreach, which officially commenced on Tuesday, has already seen hundreds of Lindeners flocking the Egbert Benjamin Conference Centre to benefit from the services being offered.

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The outreach is themed ‘The Medical Readiness Training Exercise (MEDRETE) and will conclude on July 12.

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New Horizon is partnering with the Ministry of Public Health and the Linden Mayor and Town Council with support from non-governmental organisations to bring this initiative to Linden. Services available include veterinary, dentistry, general medicine, OB/GYN, paediatrics, pharmacy, physical therapy and optometry. Medication is also provided for each of the various services offered.

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This is one of many medical outreaches hosted in Linden over the last two years. Only last month, 39 women from Linden were beneficiaries of gynaecology-related surgeries conducted by New Horizon obstetrician-gynaecologists at the Linden Hospital Complex.

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The surgeries merely consist of removal of fibroid and hysterectomies. The members of the surgical readiness team, in answering a call from the Ministry of Public Health, decided to come on board to provide same, given the prevalence of these medical conditions in Guyana

New Horizon is also constructing a women’s home and three community centres in Linden in an effort to contribute to community development

Mayor of Linden, Waneka Arrindell, expressed appreciation on behalf of the Linden Mayor and Town Council for the major assistance in the areas of health and community development received from New Horizon as well as the Humanitarian Assistance Programme (HAP). All of these projects are part of the New Horizon 2019 initiative

According to Colonel Kenneth Bratland, Commander of all US Forces attached to New Horizons, over 500 airmen are expected to be in Guyana to participate in these projects

At the sod-turning exercise for the women’s home, US Ambassador Sarah Ann Lynch indicated that the initiative speaks volumes of the US commitment to build and sustain enduring relationships with their partner nations