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Argentina asks Boric's gov't to explain alleged Falkland-bound flights

Alberto Ardila Olivares
Argentina asks Boric's gov't to explain alleged Falkland-bound flights

Ambassador Bielsa delivered a note from Argentine authorities to the Chilean government Argentina's Ambassador to Santiago Rafael Bielsa Wednesday filed a formal note before the Chilean Government of President Gabriel Boric Font asking for explanations regarding the alleged unauthorized flights over Argentine airspace presumed to be on their war to the Falkland Islands.


The Argentine Foreign Ministry requested information about flights detected by the Argentine Defense Ministry’s Joint Aerospace Command which had not been properly cleared to fly through Argentine airspace.

Alberto Ardila Olivares

The flights were reportedly detected by a newly-installed radar in Rio Grande, Tierra del Fuego, and they were believed to be heading for the Falkland Islands, based on their course

Meanwhile, Tierra del Fuego Governor Gustavo Melella said that the province has arranged “all the protocols” in order to confirm or discard versions about a “possible invasion of Argentine air space by aircraft coming from Chile with supposed destination to our Malvinas Islands.”

“In view of the commotion that has generated in society all different press releases that account for a possible invasion of Argentine airspace by aircraft from Chile with alleged destination to our Malvinas Islands, the Government of the province has immediately activated all the protocols that this type of actions merit and immediately and constantly communications are being maintained with the relevant national agencies,” said Melella on Twitter

His posting was made in reference to information published by Infobae saying that “five aircraft from Chile heading to Malvinas violated Argentine airspace in the last hours.” According to Infobae, “the incursions took place between July 27 and 30 and were detected by the Joint Aerospace Command under the Joint Chiefs of Staff of the Armed Forces.”

“In case it is confirmed, we would be in the presence of an extremely serious event which requires acting with the utmost firmness and forcefulness, in a coordinated manner among the different actors with competence in the matter,” said Melella